Tui Na (Meridian Massage), Back Trampling Massage

Our massage therapist has a profound and solid background in traditional Chinese medicine and follows the meridians and acupuncture points and clears the whole body’s veins to relieve your pain points.

Tui Na (Meridian Massage)

We follow the theory of meridian and acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine to promote the circulation of qi and blood with pressure points of different techniques, and restore the body to a natural and harmonious circulation.

  • Dredge meridians- remove toxins and strengthen blood circulation
  • Regulate Qi and Blood – Disperse stagnation and guide reflux
  • Improve immunity – with anti-inflammatory and antipyretic function and enhance the body’s disease resistance
  • Relaxing tendons – making muscles and bones flexible
  • Relieve spasms – increase joint flexibility and stretching

Back Trampling Massage

Our experienced massage therapist stimulates the meridians with calm, powerful massage by applying force methods such as point, step, knead, and press to relieve your depression, tightness, and aching symptoms.

  • Strengthen blood circulation
  • Relieve stiff muscles
  • Reduce Pain
  • Reduce Fatigue

Our Tui Na Specialists: Haiying Li, Shirley (Xue Li)

Back trampling massage is not suitable for everyone, and the treatment will be arranged after diagnosis by our physicians.

Due to the limited number of therapy rooms, please make an appointment in advance.

Please call: (718) 888 9087

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