Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guided Medicinal Diet

The Yellow Emperor’s Medical Classic of the Chinese Medicine Collection, which has been circulating for thousands of years, records that many foods are both food and medicine, and food and medicine can also prevent diseases; we must incorporate this wisdom of “medicine and food homology” In modern life.

There are many kinds of traditional Chinese medicine, and each kind of medicine has a certain range of adaptation. According to different constitutions and diseases, we develop the corresponding prescription with the four flavors of Chinese medicine (cold, hot, warm, and cold), the taste meridian (selective effect of drugs on specific organs and meridians) to achieve the best results.

Tailored to you:

Prescribe a prescription according to your body composition and observe the progress of the disease to adjust the prescription

Adapting your medication:

Provide cooked herbs with scientific Chinese medicine and prescriptions to meet different medication habits


Convenient vaccum bag for cooked herbs, which may be heated by microwave or boiling water. The entire cooking process is carried out by the herbalist of New York Four Seasons Acupuncture

Trusted sourcing

The source of the medical materials is personally selected by the herbalist and doctors, and the quality and safety are guaranteed.


Guided Medicinal Diet
The medicinal herbs prescribed are delightful to the taste. They are combined with traditional Chinese medicine and food to become a delicacy. We have developed the “Kun De Zhen Food-Medicinal Dietary Treatment Series” with the famous Chef Luo Zi Zhao. By combining medical knowledge and cooking experience, we can bring healthy food straight to you. Our meals will be vacuum-sterilized and packaged, which will make it more convenient for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Featured Menu:
Angelica Lamb Soup / Hawthorn Lotus Leaf Weight-Loss Tea / Sijunzi Soup / Sea Cucumber Porridge / Ejiao Porridge / Sea Cucumber Mussel Lean Soup / Prunella Pork / Yam Porridge


Chef Luo Zi Zhao
Chef Luo has had experience in high-end Cantonese cooking in the Beijing catering industry for more than 20 years. He was praised by his colleagues in the industry as one of the top four famous chefs in Beijing Cantonese cuisine. With the medal, he is currently the head chef at Radiance in Midtown Manhattan.

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We can prepare Chinese medicine and herbal food for you that can be picked up, sent by courier, or by mail. We have reliable computer records to track this entire process.

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