Skin Beauty

Cultivate your inside and be beautiful on the outside. We use the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine to combine acupuncture points with herbs to make your skin beautiful. 

“Every five people have different postures, their muscles, bones, qi and blood are different.” “People are born with the qualities of heaven and earth, and they are made in the four seasons.”

~ The Yellow Emperor’s Medical Classic

Hanfang Beauty believes that "people are born with the air of the world", and discover the beauty of life from the earth that breeds everything.

The beauty of Hanfang is in the same vein as the traditional Chinese medicine’s concept of health. In ancient times, there was no maintenance with cosmetics, and women still had the skills of catkins and skin like coagulation. The secret lies here. Our Chinese beauty treatment program emphasizes the fundamental care from the inside out, repairing skin cells, returning to the original healthy essence of the skin, and even promoting it to a better state.

With the change of seasons and skin problems associated with different ages, whatever the common facial skin condition of women, with Hanfang Beauty, it can be significantly improved:

  • Hanfang whitening spots
  • Repair enlarged pores
  • Lighten wrinkles
  • Firm and delicate skin
  • Acne skin care
  • Evens facial skin tone, etc.
  • Oily skin care
  • Dry skin care
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New York Four Seasons TCM Health Preservation Centre is located in the shop by licensed beautician Yang Lingyan and uses a Korean and Taiwan Herbal Beauty Skin Care Series to solve various skin problems for women that encapsulates years of professional experience.

Services include: Beauty skin care / Korean Skin Resurfacing / Korean small bubbles / Radar wire carving / Needle-free water / Tattoo (small tattoo, tattoo eyebrow, tattoo lips, tattoo eyeliner) / Grafting eyelashes / Moles / Hair removal

New York Four Seasons Nursing Method
Chinese herbal medicine, massage, treatment and maintenance recommendations

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