Muscle Pain

Imagine no longer having tight and aching muscles when you get up every morning. We use traditional Chinese medicine to carefully and gently cure your muscle injuries.

“The east direction produces wind. Wind produces wood. Wood produces sourness. Sourness produces the liver. The liver produces the sinews. The sinews produce the heart “.

Huang Di Nei Jing- Yellow Emperor’s Medical Classic

Ancient Chinese Medicine theory believes that tendons are closely related to the liver. Mu Yue is straight and stationary, while tendons mainly flex and stretch. The flexion and extension of the human joints and the movement of the limbs depend on the flexion and extension formed by the relaxation of the tendons.

Common causes of muscle and tendon injuries:

Excessive Use, Repeated Execution of Similar Actions

“Mother's Hand” (chronic tendinitis), “Fifty Shoulders” (shoulder pain after fifty years of age), biceps tendonitis, shoulder rotation tendinitis, patellar tendinitis of the knee, etc. These all belong to the tendinopathy, for which the cause is overuse, repeated execution of similar actions, etc., which causes the tendon to repeatedly pull and push.

Sports Injuries

Common causes of muscle and tendon injuries: Lack of warm-up, cold weather, uneven muscle strength that leads to too much stress on one side, excessive stretching, or highly repetitive sports movements, all of which can cause muscle strain and/or sprained ligaments in hands and ankles. Sports in question include gymnastics, tennis, golf, rowing and baseball.

Long-Term Poor Posture

"Low-headed people" or people who look at their mobile phones for a long time, can develop poor posture over time. Severe problems in posture may cause headache, arm pain, neck pain, fingertip numbness, and dizziness. The sedentary lifestyle makes the core and abdomen weak, lordosis of the lumbar spine, tightening of the hip joint, weakness of the buttocks muscles and lack of movement. The lumbar spine is easily injured and can easily degenerate.

Mental Stress

A stiff neck is an acute neck muscle strain. A typical office worker may be under great mental stress, working in the same posture for a long time, going to bed late and getting up early. The muscles of the whole body are under huge pressure due to mental tension, especially the abnormal contraction of the shoulder and neck muscles for a long time. Coupled with a poor sleeping or unsuitable pillow, the cervical nerves are compressed to cause a stiff neck.

Sudden Injury or Accidents

Accidents can happen anytime in life, such as tripping and falling down stairs or suddenly spraining an ankle while wearing high heels etc. These can all lead to injuries. In addition, it is common to develop an acute lumbar muscle strain, near the waist, usually because of a fast twisting movement, and carrying weight that exceeds the muscle load which can lead to muscle fatigue and strain.

Our Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment
Herbal Oral Application, Acupuncture and Acupoint Massage, Scrapping, Cupping, Chinese Herbal Fumigation, Hot Compress, and Home Remedies for the relief of mentrual pain.

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