Anxiety and Depression

“Qi and Blood are harmonious, and all illnesses are not born. When there are deficiencies, all illnesses are ill. So, all the illnesses of the person are born from depression.”

~ Six Signs of Depression

“People have five internal organs, that transforms five qi to produce happiness, anger, sorrow and fear. These emotions can damage the balance of Qi and Yin and Yang in the body. Furious anger hurts Yin, violent joy hurts Yang. Jue Qi goes up, and the pulse is unstable. With excessive joy and anger, or excessive cold and heat, life will not be balanced and solid.”

~ Huang Di Nei Jing – Yellow Emperor’s Medical Classic

Symptoms include: frequent negative emotions, lack of fun in life, feeling tired, loss of appetite, insomnia or drowsiness, loss of interest in things that were originally loved, and inability to concentrate.

Depression is a common disease in the modern person, and patients need to be taken seriously and treated patiently. We use the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine that has been used for thousands of years. Chinese medicine is gentle, effective with very few side effects and helps you gradually restore your body’s original health and spiritual balance.

Sufficient Sleep

Medical research suggests 6-8 hours of sleep and 16-18 hours of daily activities. We use acupuncture to relieve and alleviate the various causes of sleep problems and help you regain your sleep.

Emotional Stability

Emotions directly affect your health and relationships. Traditional Chinese medicine along with acupuncture,herbs and diet, can effectively calm your mind as well as calm a restless mood.


From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, "stress is an internal injury with seven emotions", which can lead to the positive or unrestrained evil. We use acupuncture and moxibustion to dredge the nerve system to relax muscles and vitalize Qi.


"Vitality, also known as primal qi, refers to the basic substances and activities of the physiological functions of human tissues and organs." In modern medicine, it refers to metabolism. Illness, exhaustion, stress which can cause vitality damage. Chinese medicine can help the body to make up for deficiencies and return to normal operations.

Enhanced Immunity

"With sufficient self-immunity, foreign pathogens are less likely to invade, and pathogens are less likely to infect the human body. Chinese medicine helps the body achieve a strong resistance and effectively reduces the frequency and extent of a disease.

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