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Skin Diseases Case Study

Case study of a 49 year old male who did scientific research for the U.S. government. Those who work in these fields usually have a lot of knowledge about western medicine. This man suffered chronic eczema and long term itchy skin on his arms, back and legs. Eczema increases when the seasons change and in addition, there are also symptoms of cold, cough and itchy throat. He went to many doctors in China...

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Hypertension Case Study

Annie, the head nurse at the New York State Hospital is 57 years old. She came to the clinic because her blood pressure was very high. She pays close attention to her health and her blood pressure was always normal. Recently she has experienced a lot of pressure and stress at her job as well as going through menopause. Two months ago she realized that her blood pressure was very high and this made her very nervous...

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Chronic Pain Case Study

A western 63 yr old male who works as a social worker, drives 5 hours a day for work. This has caused him back pain for almost 10 years. A friend of his recommended that he try acupuncture because of its effective treatments. Right from the beginning he repeatedly emphasized: First, no massage, because after pressing around the waist, it seemed to be more painful. Second, he preferred not to take medicine...

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Infertility Case Study

Infertility in women who have had menstruation: I monitor them closely within 13 weeks. One reason is to record her temperature. She measures her body temperature every day and after a month of observation, there will be a curve. Through analyzing this curve, you can see a lot of problems such as whether she has a lack of estrogen, progesterone or if ovulation is not smooth. All of this can be seen...

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