Infertility Case Study

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Treatment of infertility – Miracle-like results

Observing Physiological Conditions

Infertility in women who have had menstruation, I start to pay close attention to them within 13 weeks. One is to see her temperature. She measures her body temperature every day, and after a month of observation, there will be a curve. Through this curve, we can see a lot of problems, whether she has a lack of estrogen, progesterone, or ovulation is not smooth.All of this can be seen by measuring the body temperature. So there is a timely communication between my patient and I.

Adapting to the Circadian Body Clock

In terms of body adjustment, Chinese medicine is a large part of it. In fact, diet and work schedule are very important. If it is obvious that the woman lacks liver blood or the body’s detoxification ability is not strong, and she does not sleep enough, I tell her repeatedly why she must sleep between 11:00pm~3:00am. At this time, the liver and gallbladder recuperate, and if her detoxification ability is not good at that time, it will be very harmful to the body.

A Virtuous Cycle

Because of a direct and timely communication, medications and treatments can be easily adjusted throughout the pregnancy. Basically, I think in terms of how to understand her body in the future life, how to adjust her work schedule, life, and the future. Because she understands it, she also knows how to take care of her children, and her family life has changed a lot. So in the process of doing specific things, in fact, many other related things are done. This thus forms a virtuous cycle.

Treating the Male as Well as the Female

In addition to the woman, the man can also be a cause of the infertility. If a man’s body is too cold, this is an indication of a lack of kidney qi and yang. The sperm must be conditioned much like the seed of a plant, to be strong and energetic enough to form, and aid in the pregnancy process.

Chinese Cultivation Culture

In addition to the man’s working out, I also taught him to practice Falun Gong exercises to become more energetic. He tried the meditation exercise, and once he was able to do it properly, he saw a decrease in the waist soreness. The woman was also restless before she attempted the meditation exercise, but felt that afterwards, her mind was more calm. Through these exercises, both were able to gain a new understanding of the adjustment process, which I thought was very helpful.

Because of this transparent patient-doctor relationship, I was able to prescribe him a Chinese medicine that can make his sperm better in quality. For the female, although she is getting older, I continue to give her a pulse reading every week to monitor the progress. For them, they have began to practice meditation more, and because they understand the truth, the man is willing to do more exercise.

A Gratifying Result

After such adjustments, the woman who has been infertile for many years has become pregnant and has given birth to a healthy and lively baby.

After close monitoring of a case like this, even after many years of infertility, patients eventually become pregnant and give birth to lively babies. Their families are happier and feel fortunate. The ancients have said, “There are three ways of filial piety, but having a lineage is the most important,” which shows the importance of lineage succession.